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We site provides Virtual Business Cards of Business Professionals and Web Sites.  If you would like to have your site considered for inclusion, please submit it to
Scott H Leonard, Founder BizLocal Technologies


Business Tools

BizLocal Hosting provides online hosting services for business. ASP, .NET, PHP, MSql, Mysql, FTP, and much more. Simple, Reliable, Affordable.

MLM Software solutions for small business. While the name reads Desktop, it is a complete online, realtime software solution. From compensation plan, to geneology viewer, distributor back office and replicated sites, to reports and content managemen. Visit MLM Desktop for tools and resources, then step into MLM Software Central for complete MLM Software Solutions. provides web-based and reliable email solutions for business. Advanced mailing application was produced to provide a robust email solution for business. Fast, Reliable, Secure. When your business needs email, call us first! provides reliable file transfer services for individuals and business. Stop loosing messages due to file size. Place your large attachments at SlipFile and send clean, easy emails.


BizLocal provides Consulting and Tools to aid in Market Domination. Some would say that it is impossible, but we have clearly proven them wrong. There is an old saying... "Those that dance are thought mad by those which do not hear the music".. Frankly, it is time that people begin to listen. Dominating or running an effective marketing campaign is not easy. It will not happen for free..., but it is possible!

MLM Software enters a new era with MultiSoft's cutting edge deployment of MarketPowerPRO! This is truly the Next Generation in MLM Software, built on .NET C# MSsql, every other software provider dreams of building such a stable and robust solution. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, you can rest assure that your software solution can and will take you where you want to go! Launch your MLM Business with the most robust MLM Software Application available, including a generous supply of modules, tools, and scalable upgrades, and configurable with a wide range of MLM Compensation and Downline Models.

Similar to 'E Business Card Site,' 'Digi Profile' represents persons we have developed 'Premier' relationships with and seek to recommend and promote. The difference being personable and friendly profiles to build trust.

True marketing prowess. Real market domination. No spamming, just real internet marketing that drives traffic. Your goal is to be in the top 10 of a search engine, mine is for you to be the top 1 of a search engine and to further dominate the entire page of results. Then, we turn traffic into sales.

Promotional listings for Business.

XTreme Says it ALL! Advanced and Guerrilla Marketing Tactics, SEO Methods that bring others to their knees! If you don't care about your competition complaining to you about their rankings dropping and you dominating the pages... Call us. Serious marketing for serious business. No Games, just business.

Area Specific

Socially built Wedding Events with the most advanced Bridal tools to hit the market. From Wedding Planning to the Event.

NOAA Weather forcasts and information for the ACE Basin and surrounding area. Enjoy the area, canoe, kayak, bike, or hike in peace by checking local conditions.

NOAA Weather forcasts and information for Walterboro, South Carolina and surrounding area. Enjoy the area, canoe, kayak, bike, or hike in peace by checking local conditions.

Ditigal Guide to destinations.

Enjoy the great out doors! Canoe and Kayak, Hike, Bike, Sail, or visit Great locations like Museums, Parks, or on water Tours. Your resource for locating Where to Go and What to Do!